Tirecycle™ Benefits

Technically Integrated Recycle

A typical application enables the user to incorporate as much as 30% to 75% of T 608 or MBS 800 into their rubber or plastic compound without significantly affecting the physical properties of the compound. Depending on the actual blend and concentration of Tirecycle™ used, the compounder’s raw material costs can be reduced by 20% to 50%.

Use of Tirecycle™ also enhances performance/wear of many high stress goods such as industrial and automotive v-belts, tires, footwear, etc, by increasing stability and traction (in particular on wet surfaces) and overall durability.

Tirecycle™ provides other significant manufacturing efficiencies seen below:


  1. X, Y, & Z unidirectionality – no planes of weakness
  2. “Automatically forced” perfect distribution of mix (billions of spacers)
  3. Compression set improvement (inherent: 2 phase random packing, better cure)
  4. Abrasion resistance: 15 -30% gains (proven in truck tread, conveyor belts, etc.)
  5. Blister elimination (can go far beyond the 5% dosage limit of crumb rubber)
  6. Faster and better cure (30% reduction in time, or use of lower temperature)
  7. Improved reversion resistance (beyond simple linear % dilution effect)
  8. Lower die swell (as 50%+ is fully densified already), reduced shrinkage
  9. Easier processing (lower hp/lb), faster extrusion at same power load
  10. Packing efficiency very high: up to 0.87 volume fraction: Tirecycle™ readily used at 50 to 87% substitution level in the base virgin compound (%, not “phr”!)
  11. Tan delta is significantly reduced: cyclically stressed parts run cooler, rolling resistance often drops from 10 to 20% (cooler tires wear longer). Delta HBU drops while “blowout time” (BFG Flexometer) often doubles
  12. Useful contradiction: 300% modulus goes up while wet traction also goes up – normally these important properties move in opposite directions
  13. Improved resistance to gas permeation, air aging and coolant fluids (EPDM seals, roofing). Tirecycle™ is “devolatilized” and fully cured
  14. 15% to 75% substitution freedom

Totally Green – true Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR) fulfills many mandates