Product Name: PB 403-34


Proprietary 100% solids compound


General Purpose Tackifier for both tack and bond at low temperatures in hot melt adhesives and sealants as well as in solvent based products.

Typical Usage

Pressure sensitive adhesives                          Acoustic damping
Holt melt adhesives                                          Packaging and labeling
Extruded sealants                                             Chemical manufacturing
Pump grade sealants                                       Electrical insulating tapes
Asphalt modification                                        Windows and doors
Barrier tapes                                                      Roofing
Fastening aids                                                    Underwater pipelines


High Temp stable to 650ºF
Good tensile and bond strength
Low stain and migration
Chemical resistance comparable to polyisobutylene
High tack at low temperatures
High stability and film strength

Viscosity Range

240,000 to 280,000 cps at 350ºF using Model HBT Brookfield with a no. 6 spindle at 20 rpm

Penetration Range

150-299 using a cone penetrometer with 150 grams weight in addition to cone weight for five seconds at 77ºF


Light amber


Net 45 pound boxes
Net 360 open head drums
Special packaging available upon request


Printable PDF: TDS PB 403-34

Safety Data Sheet