NSE’s Tirecycle® technology was derived from years of Custom Polymer development.  The science has been available for 30 years, but the market is only now becoming receptive on a major scale.  Unlike other re-usage, Tirecycle products are incorporated as a major functional part of new rubber/plastic products, not just dead filler as in current asphalt and playground applications.

The Tirecycle process converts used tires and other rubber wastes from an overwhelming environmental nuisance into a raw material with significant commercial value to the rubber and plastics industry in the manufacture of tire tread, many thermoset and thermoplastic compounds, etc.  With billions of pounds of rubber in use every year, the tire industry is the biggest creator of waste rubber, and thereby has the greatest potential as a market for Tirecycle treatment and treated crumb rubber.

We are capable of providing treated crumb rubber for advanced recycle based manufacturing. However, our focus is on continued development of the activating adhesive polymer treatment for crumb rubber used by rubber compounders.