Product Name: TC-1302 – TireCycle®

Proprietary 100% solids rubber adhesive


TireCycle® (treated rubber crumb) is added to SBR, NR, EPDM or other rubber compounds. The basic formulation uses #34 to infinity mesh crumb. We can formulate it with 60/80 mesh crumb, 15/20 mesh, or other mesh sizes.

Typical Usage

Add TireCycle® to SBR, NR, EPDM compounds, generally at ratio of 30%-50% TireCycle®, as a direct replacement for that portion of the compounds. TireCycle® portion may be up to 75%-100% for some uses.

Compatible Host Compounds
  • Black
  • Durometer from 65-75
  • NR, SBR, or EPDM base, blends can be very good
  • Compounds that need or are able to process at higher viscosity levels, like those used for compression mold-transfer or injection molding are best when body fed into cavity.
Benefits With TireCycle®
  • Lower cost
  • Allows crumb to be part of the compound rather than just filler (which generally is a small percentage)
  • Improve pavement adhesion and mileage in tires
  • Cure time decrease
  • Viscosity increase
  • Resilience increase
  • Modulus increase
  • Compression set decreases at room temperature (other temps should be tested)
  • When using high percentages of crumb, the physical size of one pound of rubber compound is greater than without crumb
  • May be able to recycle your waste rubber into TireCycle® for reuse
Drawbacks With TireCycle®
  • Viscosity increase
  • Green strength decrease
  • Elongation decrease
  • Smoothness and tack decrease with higher percentages
  • Scorch time slight decrease (depends on compound)

TireCycle® can be mixed with your compound in your Banbury. The required order of loading is to add compound, then TireCycle®. Over 300ºF can damage the crumb.

EPDM requires NorthStar Elastomers to test your compound with our TC-1302 EPDM for proper ratios. We will need your desired tensiles, duro, and modulus.


Black. Other colors may be available for some compounds.


Bagged in low-melt bags sized for your Banbury batch.

Available in 2,000 pound bags for bulk use.