Custom Polymers Technology

Norst™ Custom Polymers are produced by unique chemical-thermal-mechanical technology resulting in IPLE – inter polymerized liquid elastomers – that are very tacky with high-elongation. They give dramatic and profitable enhancement to a wide range of systems from OEM/fabricators to traditional adhesive, sealant, caulk and coating manufacturers.

NorthStar Elastomer’s (NSE) process – optimized over three decades and unduplicated by any other manufacturer – converts scrap rubber, off spec or otherwise difficult to use, viscous polymers into a broad spectrum of intermediate and base materials used to formulate numerous products. The process is clean and green – “upcycling” of potential waste materials, no environmental side effects or effluents and only electrical energy used. And the products are cost competitive and technically superior.

These products can be tested and adjusted for specific manufacturing needs. We are also capable of providing custom mixing, blending and liquefaction of many elastomeric materials, as well as toll production of finished products and development of new products.

Employing proprietary, controlled depolymerization and derivitization, we provide a series of very tacky, high elongation liquids and gums that can give dramatic and profitable enhancement to a wide range of systems. We can fulfill orders from a single 1,000 lb. minimum order of our stock products to regulartruckload quantities of custom blended or stock products. Packaging is typically in 45 lb boxes or 55 gallon drums.

Product line benefits include:

  • Longer open time for on-line spray systems (hot melts)
  • Lower temperatures allowed with good tack development
  • Longer in service life – won’t oxidize and decay, weather resistant
  • Excellent low pour points
  • Wide operational temperature range, from -60º F to +800º F
  • “Slip and slide” generally reported better than anything else available from low to zero
  • Many grades very low in color, transparent
  • Extensive range of custom variations can be made
  • Stability and long life – 30+ years of customer history
  • Excellent chemical resistance

This entire family derives from polyisoprene, polybutylene, polyisobutylene, EPM, EPDM, etc. Core structure – distinctly branched aliphatic. These unique fluids and semi-solids function best in butyls, EP/EPDM, microcrystalline wax, asphalt, propylene, HDPE, LDPE, polyisobutylene, etc. Aliphatic and napthenic solvents work very well.

Polar solvents are to be avoided. Polar polymers such as urethanes, acrylics, polyesters and polyamides are also generally incompatible.

NSE, with our predecessor RRE, has made over 50 custom rubber compounds unique to the adhesive, sealants and coatings industry. All of these custom compounds were developed in house and occupy their own industrial niche.