Norst ™ Adhesives

Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Construction, Military, Utilities…these are all industries that rely on having products that function to the highest of demands. Providing our clients with the right product for their formula to deliver to these industries is paramount. At NorthStar Elastomers, we’ll work with you to achieve the exact compound(s) required to attain your level of product quality.

NorthStar Elastomers feels strongly that our products will compliment your applications, providing you with the competitive advantage you require. It all starts with our basic product line up, which can deliver the tackiness, resistance, sealing power or cold flow you want. Our adhesive products are packaged in bulk and shipped by box or drum.

See our Technology and Guidelines for information on how our adhesives function and interact. Review our Norst ™ Polymer Properties Chart to see the range of our products, and determine which qualities are most important to you. View our MSDS and TDS for additional information.

Then, contact us so we can answer any questions, and help you improve your product quality and/or enter new markets.