Tirecycle® products are unique compounding tools that can improve the cost/performance formula without the usual compromises associated with using rubber crumb or inorganic fillers.

Tirecycle® advances science through innovation. It represents a win-win situation by taking advantage of cost effective resources and helping the environment by repurposing used tires instead of leaving them in landfills. It’s uses are only limited by your imagination. The Tirecycle® process has been used with excellent results in the following processes:

Tirecycle® reactivated rubber products are produced by a proprietary process. This treatment process enables ground rubber to cross-link chemically with other rubber. The user can then incorporate high concentrations (30% to 60%)of Tirecycle® products in their rubber compounds with only modest reductions in tensile and elongation properties. Raw material costs can be reduced by 20% to 50%. Tirecycle® products prepared for plastic applications are used at concentrations from 10% to 90% to modify and/or extend thermoplastic materials.

Working to Your Advantage

How Tirecycle® products work to your advantage:

  • Lower cost
  • Improved cure times
  • Lower specific gravity
  • Improved bin scorch
  • Improved processing
  • Lower tension set
  • Reduced die swell
  • Reduced rejects
  • Reduced air entrapment
  • Lower compression set
  • Abrasion
AND to your customers’ advantage:


  • Improved traction, especially wet/inclined surfaces
  • Longer wear
  • Improved gas mileage by 2% – 5%


  • Cheaper operation
  • Lower manufacturing & repair costs
  • Environmentally friendly – part of the Green Movement
NorthStar Elastomers has the RIGHT products in the RIGHT form for your production.

There are two main types of Tirecycle® products: TREATMENT and TREATED RUBBER CRUMB

They are sold in different forms including: Powder, Sheet, Pellets, Viscous Liquid

They service four production areas: Thermoset, Thermoplastic, Adhesive, Waterproofing

Getting the Quality You Want

If quality assurance is important to you, it’s everything to us.

All Tirecycle® rubber products conform to rigid product specifications.

Typical tests for each lot include:

  • Sieve Analysis – for particle size distribution
  • Rheometer tests – on samples from each lot for thermoset and thermoplastic applications
  • Tensile, Durometer, Elongation, Tear Strength – on representative samples of all Tirecycle® rubber products